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Connect for FREE to more than 1,000,000 FON WiFi Access Points in France and in more than 60 countries !

Neuf FON Partnership SFR

SFR, France’s leading alternative operator and Fon have officially launch their partnership enabling all broadband Neuf clients to join the Fon Community directly from their La box de SFR in just a few clicks.

This summer, Neuf Cegetel will be integrating the FON functionality into ALL neuf boxes. This way, all current and new neuf clients who own a neuf box will be able to activate the Neuf Wifi FON and thus, securely share a portion of their Neuf Box broadband connection With the FON Community. In exchange, these clients will be able to connect for free to all 1,000,000 FON WiFi access points (« FON Spots ») in France and in more than 60 countries.

To activate the Neuf Wifi FON service on your neuf Box, download the FON Activation Wizard, then connect your Neuf box and let the wiazrd guide you. It’s fast. It’s simple. It’s FREE !

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Are you a Linux or Mac user? Find out how to activate FON on your Neuf Box 4 here.

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For more information, read the FAQ or Contact us info_neuf_cette_page.

Si vous êtes Fonero, vous pouvez rejoindre la communauté Neuf WiFi en devenant client Neuf et profiter de 1 000 000 Hotspots supplémentaires en France !

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